Mission Statement
Using a deep understanding of learner’s strengths, needs and interests, Whole Child Consulting designs multi-dimensional programs to establish learning foundations and put learners in contact with natural reinforcers.

Steve Ward, MA, BCBA (Click here to view my vita)
has been working in the field of Behavior Analysis since 1995. As the Lead Behavior Analyst for a center school, Steve conducted more than 100 functional assessments and wrote behavior plans to address a wide range of behaviors. He has also worked as a consultant, where he has designed programming for a wide variety of repertoires, including verbal behavior, daily living skills, and academics, among a host of others. Steve specializes in teaching social behaviors, incorporating knowledge from a variety of perspectives and remaining at all times behavioral in his own perspective.
Teresa Grimes, MS, BCBA (Click here to view my vita)
has been working with children of varying exceptionalities since 1991. Since that time, she has served as: Classroom Teacher, Local Education Agent, and consultant. In those capacities, she has been responsible for many aspects of assessment and programming. Teresa has worked with people between the ages of 2 and 60 on behaviors ranging from following early receptive instructions, to a variety of problem behaviors and advanced reading instruction.

Terry remains committed to discovery, adapting components from a variety of methods into a behavioral framework.

Through all such pursuits, she retains a radical behavioral perspective, which helps her modify new teaching methodologies to meet the needs of any learner.

Together, Steve and Terry form “Whole Child Consulting”, so named because they believe that no single behavior can be isolated from the rest of a person’s repertoires. In other words, they believe in treating the “whole child”. Steve and Terry currently travel the world to provide workshops, and consult to schools and families in all relevant settings. They provide distance consultation via webcam, phone, and email in between on-site visits in order to maintain close contact with each learner’s progress.

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