Do you work with students who:

Are socially delayed?  

Are language delayed?

Seem unmotivated to play games?

Lack the skills to play with peers?

Need to be prompted through games?

Are too controlling?

The book “What You Need to Know about Motivation and Teaching Games” (Ward, 2008) can help.  The book provides detailed teaching strategies for 12 specific games that most students should learn. This book also provides a behavioral analysis of teaching play, in general. We identify common teaching errors, especially as they relate to motivational variables, and provide practical ideas for avoiding these errors.

This workshop will introduce participants to the book “What You Need to Know about Motivation and Teaching Games”. Whole Child Consulting workshops are always highly interactive, and this workshop will provide role play opportunities.

Participants will:

Increase their understanding of motivation, including dimensions like intrinsic/extrinsic, social/non-social, and natural/contrived

Improve their ability to identify learner motivation on a moment-to-moment basis.  Is your learner having a good time?  Are they interested in the activity?

Practice teaching selected games during role plays

Be able to provide rationales for teaching play, in general, and for teaching any of the games described in this book

Receive blank data sheets and samples of completed data sheets for each game

Practice collecting data from video samples 

Copies of “What You Need to Know about Motivation and Teaching Games” will be made available to those who need it at a discounted price!


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